At the start of my Christian life in 2008, my weekly worship experience at service would include a shedding of tears secondary to the unconditional love I felt from God. I had been exposed to the Gospel as a Catholic, but a great chasm existed between being shown the truth of the Gospel and incorporating that truth into the fabric of my life. I would sing in the darkened auditorium overwhelmed because of all that Christ had done for me, and I would weep.

I had both a friendship and a relationship end during this time, which were difficult and heart wrenching. I shared my struggles with my small group, and my small group leader suggested I pray for God to show me how He sees me. So, I took her advice. For one week I prayed for God to reveal the way He viewed me.

During the “greeting” portion of service that following weekend, I found myself in a virtually empty row with a nearly full row behind me. I shook hand after hand introducing myself, making my way down the row. Eventually, I started complementing people’s outfits just to be able to say something different.  “You look nice today.”  “I love your necklace.”

The lights dimmed, and worship continued. I attempted to still my shoulders when the tears came, so that those around me would not be able to tell that I was crying.  After the sermon I walked toward the aisle, and I found myself nearing one of the women I had spoken to during the greeting.  She held out her hand towards me with the fist closed, fingers aiming at the ground. She wore a coordinating bracelet to the necklace I had complemented her on earlier, and I thought she was showing me.  “Oh, your bracelet is pretty, too.”

I heard a tinkling rattle in my tote bag type pocketbook as she opened her fist and dropped something into my bag. Confused I looked at her and realized that she was no longer wearing the necklace.  She said, “All service God was telling me to give my necklace to you.”

Stunned, I told her that I couldn’t take it.  “It’s yours,” she said and walked away. I retreated back into my row and sat down. I pulled out the necklace and looked at it.  It was an exquisite, expensive gold chain with a beautiful, sparkling Tanzanite pendant. I softly wept again.

I had prayed all week for God to show me how He sees me, and He gave me the necklace as my answer declaring, “You’re my daughter, my princess, and I’m giving you a beautiful gift just as a Father would his child.”  Daughter.  Daughter of the King.  That’s how He sees me.

It is so easy to see as the world sees. Our pain and failures appear huge and insurmountable. But God’s vision and love isn’t limited like ours. God is loving, massive, powerful, everything we need Him to be. AND…he’s crafty enough to deliver a necklace to a daughter who is finding her way.


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