Hey, Baby

Do catcalls ever turn into relationships?

If not, I’m confused as to why this behavior continues despite its fruitlessness. Consider these examples.

  • While running my 10-mile route, a man leans out of the passenger window while the driver honks the horn. The passenger smiles and yells something that I cannot hear secondary to my iPod earbuds.
  • Sitting at a stoplight, a disheveled man in the crosswalk (possibly homeless) smiles, nods, and says, “Hey there” as he strolls in front of my vehicle while making a kissing gesture.
  • A car pulls up exactly next to me at another stoplight, and the driver stares me down. “You’re hot,” he says when I look over.

My question is this: Is there positive reinforcement occurring somewhere out in the universe for these types of interactions?

Does pulling up next to someone at a stoplight turn into a relationship? Of any kind? Ever? Do women joggers toss their iPod’s into the bushes and run out into the street, jumping in cars of men they don’t know? Now, I may offer a ride to a homeless person if I really felt lead by God, but do women routinely pick up men in crosswalks?

Maybe I’m too old-fashioned for the times. I would like to be respected, valued, and courted. Maybe I’m archaic in the new, modern dating scene.

Have the city streets become the new pick up place?


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