Hugs for my Heroes

Bad things happen.

Storms roll in. Waters become rough. Fog shrouds the future.

How do people respond to the storms of life?

I’ll admit I was a bit surprised by the answer life provided me this week, this terrible week as I dealt with my death of my aunt and a stressful event involving a friend.

I witnessed people rally around family and friends in need. I saw medical personnel stepping up to provide care in the midst of turmoil. I received hugs and support from sources I could not have predicted.

Have you ever noticed that it’s not always the people you think will come through for you who actually do?

Unsung heroes exist in the shadows, and it’s precisely their humility and selflessness that makes them heroes.

To those who listened, who gave a caring touch, who unexpectedly prayed for me, who covered for me and handled my affairs, and who supported those around me during this emotionally depleting time: I’ve learned more in the past week from you than I have from any course I’ve ever taken.

Thank you.


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