Pet Peeves

I don’t usually rant, at least not on paper. I’m a big believer in saying difficult things in person, so that there is no physical record. This is how I think, people. I’m always looking for the gaps, the cracks, the holes and the ways to block them.

So, this is a new forum of sharing for me.

Pet peeves.  Occurrences that are so immensely bothersome, they irk me to the core. With some of these, I have an actual visceral reaction: my blood pressure rises, my muscles tense, and my enzymes go awry (probably not really).

Here are the top five biggest things that disturb me in no particular order:

1. If you get passed on the right while driving, you are in the wrong lane

It doesn’t matter what the speed limit is necessarily, traffic has a particular flow in a city or on a highway. To hang out driving more slowly than everyone else is to thwart the natural current of vehicles just to be an obstructionist. Pull over one lane; it won’t kill you. Let the people who want to drive fast drive fast. It’s better than getting rear-ended.

2. Follow through

I’ve continually learned and been burned by the power of someone’s word or lack thereof. If a person says, “let’s get a coffee,” then they should make the arrangements to get coffee. If they say, “I’ll send it to you,” then I expect them to get it to me. If people say, “We’ll be there for you,” then they need to show up for that person. It’s not easy, but it is that simple. Every time someone sends their word out and it returns void, the odds increase that it will come back void next time as well.

3. Your ≠ You’re

“You’re” means, “You are.” “Your” is possessive, as in, “it’s yours, not mine.” They are not the same. Let me repeat, they are not the same. I had an ex-boyfriend send me a text once that read, “your pretty.” Please, guy. God prevailed, and I was able to be gracious, but I consistently develop a mild case of nausea every time I think of it (I’m a writer; I love words).

4. wrting in abbrvs

Idk y any1 wood wrte lk this. u r grwnups ppl. this may b ok 4 kids but ur not 13. Cptal leters & cmmas mke life fun.

5. Stopping on the sidewalk

Have you ever been walking down a busy sidewalk and someone randomly stops amongst moving pedestrians to check their phone? They single handedly trigger crashes into their fellow walkers or send the person directly behind careening crazily at the last second. Walk to the side and then stop. How can you not notice that you are surrounded by other humans?

Ahhh, I feel a little better now. That was kind of like therapy. Sometimes I need to get stuff off of my chest and force myself to remember, “it could be worse; it could always be worse.”



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