The Little Things


I have to admit, I find people who don’t like coffee suspect. It looms large as one of the great mysteries of life. How can one not like coffee? Mind boggling, really.

I have coffee on the brain as I received a new coffee maker in the mail today. It amazes me how excited I can get by opening a box that I ordered and paid for on Amazon (but it arrived in two days!). I ripped open the box with thoughts of tomorrow’s fresh pot of coffee playing in my head like a theater movie.

Previously, I owned an espresso machine that died (sign of the cross) several weeks ago. While I enjoyed the espresso and frothy almond milk, I longed for a coffee maker with a timer. Waking up to fresh coffee delights me and makes me smile a big smile.

I wake up early almost every day. I work at 7am, and, on my days off, I do my long runs early in the morning to avoid the scorching heat that turns me into one big, sweaty puddle (humans are 60-70% water). I arise even earlier to do my Bible reading and prayer time, which centers me.

Currently, I’m doing coffee pour-overs, which means my alarm goes off, and I jump up to turn on the kettle. As I’m usually starved for sleep, I go back to bed and snooze with the lights on and the alarm pending to wait for the whistle of the water boiling. Once the whistle blasts, I leap up a second time to start the pour over. You see where I’m going with this? This is crazy. I have a good job. I need a coffee maker with a timer.

So, finally, the box arrived, and I happily carried the coffeemaker into the kitchen and washed out the thermal carafe (it’s an Amazon best-seller!) and the coffee basin. Oh, no. I forgot filters for the coffee basin. Unwilling to be derailed, I quickly ordered one from Amazon. Until then, I’ll use paper towels. I’m nothing if not motivated and resourceful.

Waking up to a pot of coffee. Life is the little things.


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