Expect the Unexpected: new blog series

A while ago, I decided to read through my Bible every year. This differs from my usual goals because, unlike like training for an ultramarathon, I feel Bible reading is more of a necessity, like eating. In my daily life, I struggle with a multitude of character defects, and I require God’s help for balance.  I live happier and healthier when I build a strong spiritual foundation.

I believe that reading the Word every day will change one for the better because I’ve experienced this transformation. I possess the same characteristics as a decade ago but feel that they are better directed.  I give the credit to God. Every time anyone has seen me display compassion and mercy, they were face to face with Jesus because the true me would never let things slide.

I find reading through the Bible interesting, with the assortment of stories and learning points. But (and I hope I don’t get struck by lightning here), sometimes the Old Testament can be a bit dry and difficult to understand. I mention this not as a reason to stop reading the Bible or as an argument against examining it, but simply as an observation. However, I stick with it because of the treasures I discover in His Word.

Every once in a while when reading the Old Testament, a verse so profound will appear, literally out of nowhere, that can have such an effect and resonate so strongly as to demand time for contemplation and meditation.

I find great inspiration in these unexpected gems.

This next written blog series will outline several unexpected verses that have jumped from the page and into my heart with such clarity and velocity that I cannot help but stow them inside myself and pull them out for guidance when necessary.

I am what I fill myself with, in my stomach, in my heart, and in my mind. I hope you enjoy the series.


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