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Hey blog family,

I felt the need to streamline my message as my writing volume increases. However, determining my exact “statement” proved more difficult than I originally thought. My result?

“Living your best life, reaching your big dream.”

So what does the statement mean? John 10:10 reads: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full (NIV). The second half of this passage strikes a chord in me. God desires for us not only to live but to live to the fullest.

What creates a full life?

I lacked certainty regarding the answer to this question, so, I ventured to consult the all-knowing source of extraneous information better known as Google. I typed in, “components of a good life” and clicked the first response. Here we go.

Eight components of a good life according to

(expositions by me)

  1. Love

I definitely jump on board with love as a main contributor to a full life. All too commonly, the enemy tricks humanity into believing happiness and fulfillment originate from material things, fame, and power. Culture teaches us the more one has the more alive and satisfied one feels. However, this philosophy rings false. Think of all of the famous suicides which occurred in the last few years. Possessions, renown, and influence do not generate contentment. People achieve joy and satisfaction through personal relationships and fulfillment of a specific, God-given purpose.

  1. Living up to your uniqueness

Again, I vote thumbs-up. When I attended middle school, I wore a button-type pin which read, “Why be normal?” with the “normal” upside down. While I wanted to form friendships with my schoolmates, I chose not to sacrifice my individuality to blend in. I prefer this choice even today. I would rather stand alone for what I believe in than to conform to the crowd. I gravitate towards others who feel similarly, people who embrace their uniqueness. Everyone is weird. Some of us aren’t afraid of it.

  1. Friendship

For me, this falls back to number one. Who people love includes their peeps.

  1. Effectiveness

This one stumped me at first, however, it made more sense reading through the website’s reasoning several times. God blessed me with a solid drive and abundant motivation to attain my ambitions. On my grave will be written, “I get it done.” Though I experience distraction as much as the next person, I push through until I complete the task. I previously never thought of effectiveness as an element of a great life, but the ability to accomplish goals impacts how one sees themselves and their relationships.

  1. Sharing

Sharing implies contributing time and talents to help others in addition to suggesting a redistribution of belongings. So often a “material mentality” shackles people to the maintenance and escalation of possessions. The capability to relinquish one’s things frees humanity from this bondage to “our stuff.” A full life includes allocating abilities and time as well as resources in order to help others.

  1. Finding true pleasure

I felt confused by this label. The source website lists an example: comparing dating to being in love. Okay, so finding a soulmate holds profound meaning while dating rests on the surface. A full life requires digging deep and being vulnerable beyond the exterior. The superficial resides on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Continuous growth

I cannot tolerate stagnancy. I always want to be challenged and growing. Bettering oneself in diverse ways at different times promotes happiness. People improve through growing, and the journey vitally supports the process of life. Individuals need cultivation. Growth involves risk (putting oneself on the line), however, to avoid development secondary to fear falls short of living a full life.

  1. Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Humans require a balance between the mind, heart, soul, and body. Challenging the mind encourages growth. Exercise promotes health, and cultivating a relationship with God produces perspective and spiritual centering. God created people for relationship both with each other and with Him, and the best life succeeds to the brim with both.

Well, Google impressed me. What a fantastic answer!

I will continue to blog, focusing on becoming our best selves and reaching our big dreams together.

Love, K.


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