How Embracing Your Unique Qualities Builds a Full Life

Hey, blogalicious!

Have you ever wanted to change certain parts of yourself? Maybe fit in better?

Last week, I mentioned the importance of self-love, which segues wonderfully into the next component of a full life: celebrating one’s uniqueness. Mastery of this vital idea should rank highly on everyone’s self-awareness To Do list for several reasons.

  1. You were created for a purpose

God requires neither humanity’s permission nor input when designing our life purposes. Each of us possesses a mission for which God created us. It’s ours and ours alone. Personalities and, at times, circumstances all serve to steer us in the direction of developing into the people necessary to fulfill God’s aspirations for our lives. Though God fashioned people in his image, He remains beyond our understanding, able to orchestrate the bigger picture with grace and finesse. Our individual personalities, strengths, and weaknesses form the ingredients which will bring our purposes to fruition. You were made specifically and with great care.

  1. Acceptance of your flaws breeds change

Throughout my life, I’ve been bold in speaking my mind. I am quick to praise a job well done as well as point out an opportunity for improvement. However, occasions litter my past where I desired increased timidity. (Here’s a little secret: it is not easy to be the person who stands up for what they believe in or what they feel is right.) However, no matter how hard I try, my vocal nature repeatedly wins. Acceptance of this allowed me to begin (I’m a work in progress for sure) to harness this capacity in a way which pleases God. Rather than futilely fight against your fabric, fashion it into a force used for good.

  1. Someone out there needs you

If God meant humans to rely on one another and be connected, then we must be complementary pieces in a puzzle. Person A exhibits a characteristic which Person B needs. Their skills and strengths benefit the other person. Conversely, Person B’s strengths complement Person A’s weaknesses. My coworker and I demonstrate this well; I encourage her to speak up, and she talks me down off the ledge when I get fired up. We all need each other in order to fulfill our callings. Your uniqueness is of great value to the population.

Everyone is beautiful. To stifle individuality or to try to replace it with a distinctiveness belonging to someone else does an incredible disservice to God’s plan and to His people. We all harbor points we need to work on and features we should accept, but God specially crafted each of us.

So how does this lend itself to a full life? I think embracing oneself entirely and fulfilling God’s purpose both help shape the foundation of self-love and allow one to look and love outwardly. So embrace your uniqueness. Let it shine! Don’t waste your time wishing you were someone else. The world needs you.

Love, K.


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