Growing Like a Weed

“What does your perfect life look like?”

All answers shine brightly in their own way. However, surprise grips me when people respond, “I don’t know.” How can growth occur if people lack awareness of their current direction?

Personally, I prefer existing in a constant state of development. I loathe stagnancy. To pursue challenges makes me feel alive. If I hang back in the comfort of the familiar, the sensation of not living up to my potential haunts me, and I become mired in depression and negativity. Growth is vital to life.

People who shy away from striving toward their dreams do so, most commonly, because they are afraid of potential disappointment or failure. A change in vantage point can mend this philosophy.

If I don’t expect too much, then I won’t be disappointed.


If people choose to expect little, they set their whole lives up to be disappointments. How does aiming low and trapping inner potential benefit people? A stifled person is no good to themselves or others.

If I don’t try, then I won’t fail.


Readers, to “not try” IS to fail! If one tries and doesn’t succeed, they still discover something about their dreams, the situation, or themselves, and the attempt is inevitable progress.

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” – Thomas Edison

Sometimes folks dread others witnessing their failures. However, the audience standing by to watch a hypothetical disaster is the same crowd observing a bold undertaking. The surrounding spectators view brave souls attempting their dreams, pushing limits, and overcoming fear, which provides great value and inspiration.

So let’s advance our position on growth as I ask you my favorite question:

What does your perfect life look like?

If you could live anywhere, be anything, have anything… how would you describe your life? Think details. Think specifics. Dig down deep. Be unafraid to want the impossible.

Next question:

What is the first barrier to this dream?

Think about what is the biggest, most immediate hurdle you face with regards to your dream. What is the largest impossibility at this point? What number one factor makes you shake your head and login to Netflix?

Last question:

What is the first step you can take to address this initial hurdle?

Maybe you need to pay off your school loans or get a degree or save money to buy property. Whatever. Think of what would be the very first thing you would need to do in order to have your perfect life.

Step in that direction.

However small, make a plan to set into motion the first step needed to get you there. Maybe you pick up a part-time job, research or enroll in classes, hire a realtor, etc. The key is not to look at the whole but only at the next step.

Growth is movement. It’s risk. Growth is trying something new instead of hiding behind something old. It’s vital and revitalizing.

To live without growing is not to live. You weren’t meant to be a potted plant.

So, go on… get to stepping.

Love, K.


8 thoughts on “Growing Like a Weed

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  1. God enjoys challenging me with long, physical challenges. I’m currently training for a 100-mile ultramarathon (I came to salvation through training for an endurance event). One step at a time is how He’s going to get me through it!


  2. 😊 I like learning and growing too. I’ve always been goal driven. But, I still have to fight perfectionism and procrastination brought on by fear of failure. It seems you never outgrow that feeling of not good enough. Thankfully, we don’t have to be!
    You always challenge me.

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