Approaching Scripture – Part Tre: After You Read

Hey blog family,

This is the final installment of a three-part blog series designed to develop a proactive way of approaching Scripture. The Bible can seem daunting with a multitude of characters and places, but understanding God’s Word can provide wisdom and guidance.

books-1587165_1280Is there a concrete way to approach a Bible passage?

When studying the Bible, laying groundwork will help illuminate the message contained within the verses. Each week, we’ll look at tips and things to think about BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER reading a section or verse of the Bible. This week we’ll take a super quick look at what to look for AFTER finishing your bible reading.

light-bulb-1246043_1280AFTER YOU READ

After going through a passage and figuring out the context as well as the personal impact the Scripture has on you, life applications become important. There may be other places in the Bible that speak on the same topic, and those passages may also be relevant to the current study. The following three areas will help you glean further understanding:

cereal-898073_1280#1 Living Better

God always has our best interests at heart. Though we may not understand all His commands, He designed them for our benefit, to help us create our best self and our best life. After reading over a passage, think about how the passage guides you to a new way of life. What does God want you to understand? How does He want you to grow?

amish-287407_1280#2 Life with Others

Family, friends, and the people around us add flavor and quality to our lives. How we treat others reflects our true heart status. The Bible deals with ways to improve relationships and things we should focus on when choosing with whom we surround ourselves. 

question-mark-2492009_1280#3 Questions

Honestly, sometimes reading the Bible can bring more questions than answers. Keep a log of any questions that may arise; this can be an important way of continuing study. Periodically pray over the list and look for answers in your small group, church sermons, and quiet time.

grapes-690230_1280After reading a Bible passage, quickly reivew the following three questions to increase the fruitfulness of your time:

  • Are there commands or suggestions for a better way of living? A life lesson? What does God want you to understand? How can your life get better because of these verses? 
  • How should this change the way you live in community? Should this change the way you look at yourself or the way you approach the people in your life?
  • What questions do you have?

dollar-3513591_1280God speaks throughout the Bible, but sometimes He teaches us one passage at a time. As we continue to study and seek answers to our questions, He will guide us through the lessons that are most relevant for our lives.

Love, K.

PS- Contact me if you’d like a comprehensive list of questions to think about when approaching Scripture.



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