No Fear

Often, humans are motivated by fear. It permeates our choices, our relationships, and our goals. Satan uses a lot of tools to keep us subdued, but fear is numero uno.

Fear speaks a very specific language in our choices.

“What if…”

“You won’t…”

“I can’t…”


If we let fear play a role in our decisions in life, we allow worry and anxiety to limit our potential, purpose, and success.

Weigh the pros and cons logically, by all means, but proceed with no fear, allowing God to work.


Making a choice because it eases our anxiety about a situation is not a choice at all. It’s surrender.

I’m not talking about surrendering to God, who always has your best in mind. I’m talking about laying down and letting fear place its foot on the back of your neck.


So how do we learn to overcome fear in our life choices?


Yeah, yeah, I know; it’s easier said than done. But, the answer is Go to God.


The psalmist writes in Psalm 34:4, I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. A fundamental key lies in this verse.

Who did the delivering? The psalmist? No, God delivered.

Trying to crack our own fear wide open may work temporarily, however, long-term victory comes on the back of the Almighty God. That’s part of who He is. He’s the Father who will bring us through.


How do we go to God?

Let’s look at three concrete actions to help decrease fear’s hold on your life.

1. Prayer

Pray about situations before making a decision. Ask God to give you wisdom, strength, and clarity and then LISTEN. Don’t make the call out of your own insecurity. Instead, use the Holy Spirit as a guide.


2. God’s Word

What does the Bible say about your particular situation? Breaking promises? Having questionable relationships? Toying with sin?

Check out what wisdom God offers on the subject. One verse pulled from the text isn’t enough to support a decision. However, if you read several areas in the Bible on one topic, you can get an overall idea of God’s view of things.


3. Christian pillar

Ask someone who is a seasoned Christian for help and guidance. You are probably not the first person to ever have this problem, and maybe a church member could offer some insight. Additionally, you need to get accountable.

Keeping your struggles a secret is a good way to deal with them your whole life.


Sidestepping fear is temporary; we need to approach it head-on. By going to God, we can arm ourselves with the necessary wisdom and discernment to make the best possible life choices. Count the cost. No fear.

Love, K.




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  1. I like the pictures 🙂 And also the words. Good point about how it is God who delivers us. There seem to be a lot of songs about fear lately. It’s relevant. I find much peace in thinking that no matter what, the battle has already been won…we win. Amen.

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