Fear of Failure: 4 Tips for Life Change

Have you ever known someone who will tell you all of their problems but never do anything about them?

Why do people do this?

Fear. Fear of failure. Fear they won’t change. Fear about how difficult the work will be. Fear.


I’m a work in progress.

However, God has changed me over the years (kicking and screaming for sure, and I still have so far to go!). Life change can occur.

I’m “athletic” now but I wasn’t prior to 2006. I love to give, but I didn’t prior to 2009. I’m not a patient person, but I’m more patient than I was last year.


I have undergone some real change throughout the course of my life.



Plus: Work. Prayer. Counseling. Mentors. Bible reading. Growing my relationship with God. Reading what others have to say on the matter. Finding outlets for my emotions.


Lasting change is within our grasp. Involving God in the road to change is imperative since He made us with our specific ingredients.  

So what can we do?

road-220058_640 (1)

1. Quiet time

Whether meditating, praying, or being still listening for God, we need to find time to center ourselves each and every day. Human beings are apt to lose focus or focus on the wrong things.

Growth and change require intentionality (meaning: we have to make change a priority). Spending time reflecting and being open to God is a must.


2. Find some peeps

Maybe our specific areas of growth would benefit from a counselor or possibly a spiritual mentor. To grow we need direction and guidance.

Accountability partners are key. If no one knows our goals, no one can check in to see how we fare. As a gym buddy makes us more likely to complete an early morning workout, having an accountability partner promotes integrity and endurance.


3. Read

As a Christian, I’m a big proponent of grabbing a Bible. The Bible is the fastest way to change, and I challenge that delving into the Bible for 30-days will transform anyone.

Reading what others have said is also beneficial. We are not alone in our struggles and in this prolific age of access to information, someone wrote an article or produced a video about our issues. See what they have to say. Glean tips from them.


4. Channeling emotions

Journaling is a great way to channel our emotions. I’ve even written letters to people and then shredded them in order to get closure and arrive at a point of forgiveness.

I talk to people about my fears and frustrations. My world is more even keel when I express my emotions to trusted, close friends. I also exercise as a way to let go of things and expend any bad feelings.


Fear of failure doesn’t have to hold you back from being the person you were called to be. Freedom for life change is available. 


Change is possible, even probable, but requires work and dedication. Use the four tips for guidance along the journey. God is faithful, and if we step to Him, He will guide us through.

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6 NIV).

Love, K.



8 thoughts on “Fear of Failure: 4 Tips for Life Change

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  1. Very helpful post. All of your tips are right on target. As others have indicated, the writing and shredding (deleting if online) is a great strategy. One of my Beth Moore studies also recommended “telling it to God.” Shout it out if we need to! After all, God won’t spread gossip so we pour out all of our anger, frustrations, and mistakes to him.

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  2. Great words here! Appreciate the practical answers you’ve provided.

    I particularly agree with the part about writing what I’d love to say – but shouldn’t – to someone and then shredding the message. It’s very therapeutic and allows space for God to work on changing my heart in a conflict. Thanks for writing this!

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