Honduras Mission Trip Wrap-Up

Hey there,

I wanted to post a mission trip wrap-up with some key points from my recent Honduras trip ( Medical Mission Outreach). This is my seventh mission trip overall, my second medical mission trip, and my first venture working in surgery.

Please visit the detailed “smocumentary” (social media + documentary) of my recent mission trip on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Here are my five biggest takeaways:

1. Praying

My favorite part of the trip was praying with our patients. It was my privilege to work with Dr. Thomas Sims, who prayed with each patient before surgery. We stood in a common waiting area with other people gathered around, and he asked for God’s blessing, guidance, and healing. These experiences were the most powerful part of the whole trip.


2. Fellowship at Work

I truly enjoyed being surrounded by other strong Christians. In my everyday work life, the environment is frequently toxic, and I flounder in my own walk with God. To experience camaraderie, mutual respect, and joy on the job every day was awesome.


3. Believers

Everyone donated their time, money, and talents. I’m humbled by the character of the people on this trip. The warmth, openness, and vulnerability was truly a blessing and an inspiration.

Multiple people shared deep things about themselves within the first five minutes of meeting them. Vulnerability, even with a person one knows well, can be difficult. These people trusted in God and that trust bled over into their other relationships.

Worshipping at the church in another language and having two cultures praising God together also was a sight to behold and experience.


4. Coffee

I had the best coffee I’ve ever had in Honduras. I am not kidding, people. It was so dark but thin and smooth; the taste was second to none. I brought three bags home, and I cannot wait to try it.


5. The Country

I’ve visited Central America multiple times, but I enjoyed the specific experience with the Honduran patients. Surgical candidates waited eight hours to meet with us, and, when we were finally able to see them, they offered no hostile tones, no sense of entitlement, and no complaining.

They waited eight hours in a non-air-conditioned hospital lobby and the only thing they exuded was gratitude. How much I can learn from their example!

team exam

Medical Missions Outreach travels all over the world on mission trips designed to display God’s love and healing power. If you’re looking for an organization, I wholeheartedly support this one.


The key is not where you go but that you go. The reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t spend time and money on a mission trip are extensive and logical, I’m sure, but trust me when I tell you there is no better investment in other people, God’s kingdom, and yourself.


Love, K.



34 thoughts on “Honduras Mission Trip Wrap-Up

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  1. what an incredible trip, I am sure you feel like it has helped you a lot in grow in different ways. my friend in high school her parents were missionaries and I remember they would go on a lot of different mission trips.

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  2. What a wonderful mission. You and your fellow workers are certainly sharing the love of Jesus through your gift of healing and witnessing. You are an inspiration for all of us–especially those (like me) who haven’t been on mission trips outside of the US. Wishing you continued blessings in your work to serve our Lord and His children.

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  3. I think this world needs more people like you, we are so grateful for everything you did. Although I can never be a medical person to save lives I do try my best to help out the community whenever I can. God Bless you!

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  4. Whoa, it sounds like you had a grand affair. From my personal experience, I can say these trips are really beneficial as it gives you the satisfaction of doing good for someone. I believe that there are people like you. God Bless You.

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  5. Wow – sounds like you had a marvelous experience and were able to see God moving in amazing ways. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need!

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  6. What an amazing experience. I’ve never been on a mission trip, but hope to someday. My husband’s parents and grandparents were missionaries within the U.S. and worked with natives in Alaska. It would be pretty cool to do some mission work.

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