Struggle with Frustration

Hey Blog family,

I struggle with frustration, and I’m going to blog my way through as a form of therapy.

I run a big game, but I’m far from perfect. I told a friend I curse at other drivers yesterday, and my friend was surprised.

I’m strong in the ways I am strong, and I’m weak in the ways I am weak. The key is to work to be better.


A quick Google search on frustration showed me that I’m on the right track. The first thing I saw was about how to recognize frustration. This I can do. Now, I’m talking about before the cursing and yelling start.

This is going to sound crazy, but I feel frustration first in my liver. I know, I know, that’s impossible, but the sensation I feel is located in the right upper quadrant of my abdomen. The area starts to tingle and then contracts. The spasm continues until I act.


I know people who prefer to avoid conflict, and I’ve met people who can have an entire conversation like nothing is wrong when everything is wrong. I’m built differently.

I need to address the situation immediately to feel relief.


However, sometimes emotions run high, and I don’t always make the best choices.

Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly (Proverbs 14:29 NIV).

Even the wisest man in all of history agrees with me!


Bottom line: I can recognize when frustration begins, AND I feel an overwhelming need for resolution which can be tricky in my emotional state. 

So what to do?

Well, my tips for myself are:

  1. Pray. This is always a great first step for everything always.
  2. Call a buddy. Maybe I need a frustration buddy, someone who can talk me off of the ledge and let me vent. The release of emotion may help prevent reactionary backlash.
  3. Journal. I’m a big fan of writing a letter to someone saying ALL I want to say and then shredding it. Sometimes just getting the words out there (I love words) is enough to water the fire down.
  4. Prepare. I know there are bad drivers out there. Before I pull out, maybe I need a quick mental refresher that other drivers may test me when I’m on the road. Maybe I can leave earlier to decrease my own stress level.
  5. Mandatory waiting period. I’ve tried to implement this before but found it difficult. Maybe if I journal and call a buddy, I’ll be able to hold out long enough to set the hammer down before initiating a discussion.


Life is a journey. It’s tough for all of us.

The key is growth and having the courage to try to make positive changes.

My mom can let you know if I make a dent in my struggle with frustration (not flustration, mom) by the end of this blog series. 🙂

Love, K.

2018-04-29 10.18.18

(this is what the mom of a 100-mile ultramarathon runner looks like)


54 thoughts on “Struggle with Frustration

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  1. I’m strong in the ways I am strong, and I’m weak in the ways I am weak. The key is to work to be better. Such truth and relatability in those words..what are you struggling with btw? Anything with which us blogging fam can help you 🙂

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    1. I’m struggling with small frustrations…wasting time and energy on things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Once I lose my temper, it takes a bit of time to regroup. I’m trying to recognize annoyances earlier and then redirect my attention before anything happens.


  2. Prayer is the key and only way because it worked for me. I am proud of you. I have been in a deep frustrating situation for a long time but gradually I began to work on my self and inner peace. I found peace praying. I pray you find peace, blessing and joy amen.

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  3. We all have different ways to battle frustrations. When I’m frustrated either I write, I watch movies or do what Scarlet O’Hara’s style – not think about it, because tomorrow is another day 😀

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  4. In my own experience, problems are less heavy when you talk about them. I also believe in the power of praying. I don’t like conflict but sometimes it’s necessary to solve a situation.

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  5. I so relate to this post. I do recognize when I get frustrated as well. I use to react quickly and got into a lot of trouble for it. I love the tips you give, #2 & #5 I do now. But I will be adding #1. I also get up and walk with my favorite music, in which I sing or dance.

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  6. I feel like I go through a lot of constant frustrations. Often just repeating myself all the time.. do your homework.. reply to my e-mails.. it definitely gets to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  7. These are great tips to release your frustration. I love that you put prayer first. Praying and asking God to calm me almost always helps me. If I’m still feeling frustrated, like you I’ll write about it or journal it. Having healthy ways to release frustration is good for everyone.

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  8. Good tips. Anxiety frustration can precede, accompany, or follow an episode of nervousness, anxiety, fear, and elevated stress, or occur ‘out of the blue’ and for no apparent reason. … Stress, including anxiety-caused stress, can make normal day-to-day challenges seem more difficult, taxing, and frustrating.

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  9. I spend way too much time frustrated, especially at myself. I don’t always talk to myself as God would want me to. I try to say to God that I’m very frustrated with myself and ask Him to remove the frustration and replace it with the choice to be better. I still fail but He’s a patient God!

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  10. Ouch, Kelly, I’ve been there, too (often). I did a lot of driving in my job and more than I’d like to admit, I said some ugly words when drivers did really dangerous things. Afterwards, I’d pray, ask God for forgiveness, and try to do better. I did improve, but occasionally, that frustration still sneaks out. Thanks for saying aloud what many of us feel and for sharing useful strategies to help us through those trying times.

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  11. Kelly, I struggle with frustration, too. I get frustrated with fellow drivers and slow check-out clerks, but I also get frustrated with myself when I forget where I’ve put my keys or when I forget to respond to an email or when I make a blunder with a recipe …. well, you get the idea. Sometimes, I feel like I’m harder on myself than others with my frustration. I like your list above, and I’ll try to implement it in my life, too! Thanks for sharing!

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